"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." Audre Lorde

#GlobalP2P: 24 hours of P2P transnationality

#GlobalP2P Transnationality

On March 20th, 2013, P2PWikiSprint was celebrated, a mapping marathon of P2P iniciatives, at international level. You can find a great article about the whole process by @bernardosampa here.

We have visualized the accounts, concepts and international connections associated to #globalP2P hashtag, and derived a metric; the
transnationality of communications: The percentage of messages in Twitter that put into contact accounts on different countries. You can see these connections on the map, which you can zoom and pan at will with the mouse/trackpad.

#GlobalP2P: concepts and authors

The total tweet volume peak correlates with the official hashtag #GlobalP2P launch, at 14 hours GMT of March 20th, while the transnationality index stays high on the central hours of the day (always taking as a reference the same metric in similar global processes, as #15oct, which held an average of 5 percent transnationality)

You can view the interactive visualization by clicking here

Data was processed by an algorithm based on Wikipedia data. The visualization was implemented 100% in D3.js

Programming and data processing was made by Alejandro González (@nihilistbird) and Art Direction was made possible by Eva Álvarez.

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